The concept and significance of spirals have been popping up in a variety of ways throughout our trip so far. This morning for our devotional Jane encouraged us to think deeper about correspondences and as an example she told us about the significance of her own spiral necklace.

A bit later in the day we all had the incredible privilege of going to flip through some of Swedenborg’s original, hand written, 18th century manuscripts. As Colin and I were looking at pages in Apocalypse Explained, we noticed that at the very end of the book there was a spiral drawn. As I flipped some more I found several others drawn at the ends of other parts of the book. They seemed to signify the completeness of that thought or idea because there were many other sections that had blank space left after them as if to say that he wasn’t sure if he was done with that section yet.

Seeing the spirals that Swedenborg had drawn reminded me of something we had seen yesterday in the Swedenborgian Church in Stockholm. They had a beautiful metal sculpture that a parishioner had crafted and they used it not only as a candelabra, but also as a way to explain their theology to visitors in the church.

These spirals keep popping up and in some way they are serving as an affirmation that we truly are moving through a very special experience in being here.

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