Yesterday we had the vast pleasure of experiencing an interactive art exhibit that really opened our minds as well as challenged some of our personal comfort zones (in a good way!). Speaking for myself, it was really wonderful having my usual perspectives disrupted and enter a realm where I had little control, being directed in an environment I couldn’t see and hearing a narrative designed to expand my sense of reality. And then later we joined the artists Martina Seidl and Christer Lundahl for dinner – such a lovely Swedish family! It was quite an honor being invited into their home and warmed by their energy and perspectives.


The museum housing that experience was the Moderna Museet. And there was a wide range of modern art there, from the enveloping (a huge gridded room with lawn chairs and a video playing the strangest “games”) to the mundane (if you know what I mean – like an entirely white painting with a dot of orange toward the bottom). It was quite a place. We had lunch there with a view over what seemed like the entirety of Stockholm: smaller than I imagined, packed with such rich vibrancy and beauty.


Thursday we also visited the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, learned about the Nobel Prize and saw the rooms where the deliberations and announcements are generally made for their portion of it (chemistry and physics). It was fascinating to see Swedenborg’s portrait in the announcement room, as he was an early member of the Academy! We also got to nerd out over some of that Swede’s original manuscripts held there. How fascinating and what an honor – the fragile pages written in Latin reminded me of the fragility of history, and how our interpretive lens shapes our reflections of everything. We had inspiring, fantastic hosts and were greatly blessed by their attention and all the work they do in the archives.

~ Cory

P.S. I’m not the only fan of Isaiah!


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