During one of our last meals together, Jane posed the question of if you could ask Swedenborg something now after this trip what would it be?

One of the things that has occurred to me through the trip has been that Swedenborg is kind of always present just below the surface of the city of Stockholm and in the Swedish culturally legacy. In so many of the museums and sites that we visited there is open recognition of the various contributions of people that Swedenborg worked with, like Polhem and Linnaeus, yet Swedenborg’s name is rarely mentioned. When he was recognized it was either in a not-so-public-space, or more often than not it was just a small section of a large number of people, or a part of something mundane–a street sign, one name of many on the side of a building, a plaque on a busy street.

Although Swedenborg himself had no intention of starting a new religion, I wonder what he would say about the way his legacy has kind of settled beneath the surface in his home country. In some ways it feels terribly unfortunate for a man who wrote so much and was involved in so many different things. Yet, on some level it also feels fitting. He is present within the society but in order to access him and his ideas you have to dig a little deeper, you have to look with intention.

“Venturum est tempus, quando illustratio” AC 4402.

There will come a time when the people will be enlightened.

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  1. Rachel, love this post — is your header image taken from the Viking mounds @ Gamla Uppsala? If so, how appropriate — a location with layers of history, just beneath the surface…


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